We’d like to inform you the new dates of the The 20th ASSITEJ World Congress & International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Young People / MIRAI 2020, unavoidably postponed due to the influence of COVID-19.

The New Dates

March 22rd, Mon ~ March 31st, Wed
March 22rd, Mon ~ 28th, Sun: Tokyo (Toshima Ward and Adachi Ward)
March 25th, Thu ~ 31st, Wed: Nagano (Suwa City and Chino City)

*We are preparing for more details. We’d inform you the details as soon as they are fixed on our website and etc.

I believe that we have come to see the light toward the pandemic ending even though our self-restraint living may still continue. I hope that we actualize the event to give dreams and hopes for tomorrow to children whose hearts are withering by the Coronavirus, to gain the power to open up the strong future, and to empower ourselves with our own hands. The performing arts have the power to make these hopes come true. I’d like to prove the power at this very event in 2021 and take the first step toward the new world. And I’d also like to achieve

holding and success of the ASSITEJ World Congress with our hopes, putting all our energies together. I sincerely appreciate your supports and cooperations.

Katsuya Morita
The 20th ASSITEJ World Congress Tokyo Executive Committee President