Horses〜馬のように〜 / horses

ベルギー / Belgium

キャビネットK&ヘットパレイス / kabinet k & hetpaleis

9~14歳の子どもたち5人と大人5人のダンスパフォーマンスです。世代を超えた人と人との誠実な関係を、力強いダンスで表現します。子どものままでいたいと願うこと、大人になりたいと願うこと、運ぶこと、運ばれること、相反するものが描かれた作品です。エレキギターとサックスの生演奏にのせて、ダンサーたちは馬と騎手のような共生のかたちを探り続けます。 / Horses is a dance performance with an untameable energy, in which 5 young children and 5 adults meet. The little ones and the tall ones share avidity, a sense of wonder and above all unshakeable trust in each other.Horses would fit the festivals theme "Towards the unknown" perfectly as it is about wanting to be grown-up and wanting to remain a child, about power and vulnerability, about carrying and being carried. About probing before surrender, the search for who’s pulling the strings, finding the rhythm. It's about the experience of finding your way, about the power and integrity in human interaction, both indispensable to build futures together. Accompanied by live music of Thomas Devos and Bertel Schollaert, the dancers are looking for a symbiosis, a unique connection with the other, as a rider and a horse, as lone wolves in a flock.

日時 / Date & time
5/22 19:00~, 5/23 11:00~, 5/23 15:00~
会場 / Venue
世田谷パブリックシアター / Setagaya Public Theatre
公演言語 / Language ノンヴァーバル / Non verbal

​対象年齢 / Age
言語 / Language


171-0014 東京都豊島区池袋2-13-4 天翔オフィス208号室

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