【Advanced Tickets】japan time

Period of Sales:

  • The First Term:     3/13.12:00  ~  4/5.23:59

  • The Second Term:  4/11.12:00  ~  5/6.23:59

  • The Third Term:      5/9.12:00     ~  5/11.23:59

【The Same Day Tickets】

The same day tickets are available only when there are seats remained and shall be sold at the ticket center and the venue at the same price as the advanced tickets. The seat availability shall be informed on the website and at the ticket center. Please note the set tickets are available only at the ticket center.

Set Tickets          Price (tax included)   Note

A set              35,000 yen    ASSITEJ Pass(8,000 yen)※2 + 15 Tickets

B set              50,000 yen    ASSITEJ Pass(8,000 yen) + 25 Tickets

ASSITEJ Discount Ticket Set※1 ​   20,000 yen    ASSITEJ Pass(5,000 yen) + 15 Tickets

※1 ASSITEJ Discount Ticket Set is for the participants from the countries stipulated by ASSITEJ International and students of high school, college, and university. Please present your passport or student ID when you exchange the tickets.


※2 ASSITEJ Pass is a pass to participate the ASSITEJ professional / network programs that do not require the tickets including symposium, seminar, and presentations. Please refer to the Program page on the website. 

Single Ticket         Price (tax included)   Note

General             3,500 yen    Usable for performances and workshops


Children and Youth       1,000 yen        3 to18 years old


ASSITEJ Pass         3,500 yen    One day pass

※The prices for some of “Baby Theatre” performances are 1,000 yen for a pair of adult and child, 1,000 yen for additional adult, and 500 yen for additional child. 

※The compliment tickets are provided for elementary school students in Toshima ward. Please refer to the website for details.

ー How to buy the advanced tickets ー

1 Fill the form and select the tickets on the ticket sales website (launched on March 1st).

2 Settle the payment after you receive an e-mail of application completion.

3 Following the instruction of an e-mail of ticketing guidance, issue the exchange tickets at Seven and Eleven Convenience Store. (Please note that you are to pay 220 yen ticketing fee.).

4 Receive the tickets at the ticket center after May 12th with your exchange tickets.

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