【Remote Screening】Buck, a well-grown dog with thick hair, lived in a big house in the sun-kissed Santa Clara Valley.
He had a happy life, and nothing was missing.
Why is it so cold here? What is the white matter that falls from the sky on my snout? Where are
they all rushing to? Which animal gives such a smell? Why are they wrapping my body with belts?
And what is howling from far away?
On the wolf’s trail is the authors adaptation of the famous novel Call of the Wild by Jack London.
It is a theater composition for six actors, one drummer, ten microphones, four dogs, and one
deer that tells the story of the domesticated dog that was stolen and sold to work in Yukon
province in Canada during the Gold rush on Klondike. So to the place, where are roots of Bucks
breed. Bucks journey is full of distress and surprises – not only from unknown environment but
also from his so far unknown spirit.
Jakub Maksymov, director

Wed. 24 March19:00
Performance time

A video recording of the work will be shown at the venue. After the screening, there will be an after-talk session with the performers, director, and other company personnel overseas via a live broadcast.