【A multi awarded play about what happens to us and what we feel when we love someone and we lose it.】Speaks of what happens to us and what we feel when we love something and we lose it.
It speaks of the necessary time when sorrow accompanies us to calm what hurts.
It speaks of loss, large or small, like a natural event.

“He is sad because he lost his partner. Her umbrella, hung in their apartment entrance’s rack, becomes his only and undeniable company, the way he can be attached to the memory of her.
One day he finds a broken and abandoned umbrella in the street. He decides to bring it home to fix it. Now they are three at home: Two umbrellas and himself.

Euria is about what happens to us when we love something or someone and we lose it.
The time we need to understand and accept that something has changed.
And of course, about our ability to cope.

Tue. 30 March19:00
VN9-3 NAGANO / Chino Cultural Complex
Performance time

A video recording of the work will be shown at the venue. After the screening, there will be an after-talk session with the performers, director, and other company personnel overseas via a live broadcast.