【Did Gerda really go out to look for Kai?】The production immerses the audience into the world of things and words from
“The Snow Queen”, the world of enchanting sounds and puppets. In this story,
Gerda is completely alone. The audience sees her just on her own.
Like a mirror, she reflects other characters, and follows these reflections. Gerda
is still young in her memory. She doesn’t notice the passage of time, and keeps
looking for Kai.
“Gerda’s Room” is about searching and fearing. It’s about eternity that is always
ready to meet us. We put this eternity into a word, and breathe it out on a frozen
window so we can finally see something dear to us which we have long lost.
Like our body, a room we inhabit reflects everything we have experienced. We all
know the fairy tale about Gerda’s journey. But did Gerda really go out to look for
Kai? People, roads, strange places… What if she embarked on that journey
without actually leaving her room? Gerda’s story is in brackets, turned into a
metaphor. It’s a visual and conceptual transformer. The production is a memory
play reconstructing the past. And it’s open to interpretation.

Wed. 24 March15:00
Performance time

A video recording of the work will be shown at the venue. After the screening, there will be an after-talk session with the performers, director, and other company personnel overseas via a live broadcast.