【Remote Screening】A man and a woman carry big branches. They light the fire and keep it alive, but the
wind and snow come and they have to leave for a long journey. When snowflakes have
turned into cherry petals then they can stop and build their home. When the house is
done the night comes. They know they have to play with it, they have to play with the
wolves to overcome their fear and so they can finally to sleep.
At the same time there was a child walking on the woods.
He was lost, he was hungry and cold. He’d been walking for days and nights.
But suddenly, deep into the woods, the little child saw a little light.
It was the light of a house, so he came close and knocked the door.
The man and the woman wake up and very happy go to open

Wed. 24 March17:00
Performance time

A video recording of the work will be shown at the venue. After the screening, there will be an after-talk session with the performers, director, and other company personnel overseas via a live broadcast.